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Are the cheap hearing aids I see advertised on TV and in the newspaper worth trying?

This is a good question and we often get similar questions such as, "Where can I buy cheap hearing aids?" or "What do you think of the cheap hearing aids I see on ads on the internet?" When purchasing hearing aids, at any price point, there are many factors you should consider besides price.

Research has shown treating hearing loss with hearing aids has a direct positive impact on quality of life. Hearing aids are a worthy investment and when purchasing hearing aids, the process is no different than any other consumer electronic device. The more you pay the more you get in terms of quality, features and satisfaction.

The cost of hearing aids has actually decreased relatively over time, when compared to the rate of inflation. Today, hearing aids range from approximately $1,000 to $4,000 each, depending on the brand, features and technology selected. As mentioned several factors contribute to the cost of hearing aids, including: research and development costs; customization of each device to fit the needs of the wearer; manufacturing costs; and time spent with the professional who fits and services the hearing aids.

The time spent with a hearing professional is often overlooked as being part of the cost of hearing aids; however, the service and care they provide are integral to a successful fitting and to ensure hearing aids continue to work for you and your hearing loss for many years. Services provided often include the initial hearing aid evaluation, hearing aid fitting, fine-tuning appointments, physical fit adjustments and cleaning/repairs for up to 2 to 3 years.

When the cost of hearing aids is averaged over the lifetime of the instruments (3 – 5 years or more), the cost per day of a pair of highly featured, advanced digital hearing aids is about $3 – less than a large latte at your favorite java joint. So when considering the cost of hearing aids and searching for “cheap” hearing aids, consider that hearing aids are proven to not only help you hear better, but to actually improve the quality of life for the person with hearing loss and their families. That is one investment worth spending money on.

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