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Resources for Children with Hearing Loss

This is a wonderful question. You sound like an observant parent. Unilateral hearing loss can pose a variety of challenges for some children. Because of problems hearing in the presence of noise and hearing at a distance, some children with unilateral hearing loss have difficulty in school and in social situations. In a book that I wrote, Facilitating Hearing and Listening in Young Children, 2nd edition (1999), I discuss listening strategies and unilateral hearing loss, if you would like more details. The book can be obtained from the Alexander Graham Bell Association.

Has your audiologist recommended trying a hearing aid on your son's right ear? It might provide some benefit and is worth considering. Also, have you seen an Ear Nose Throat Specialist (ENT) to rule out any medical causes for the hearing loss? Your educational audiologist can provide information and support.

One school accommodation that I recommend is sound field amplification; the teacher wears a wireless microphone transmitter, and her voice is evenly distributed throughout the room via wall or ceiling-mounted loudspeakers. More information can be obtained from the Educational Audiology Association.

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