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Headband Options for Bone Conduction Aids

There are a few options for Bone Conduction headbands. If cosmetics are the main problem, some parents have sewn the headband into a favorite hat (that often helps with comfort too). Girls can use butterfly clips both to decorate and to anchor the headband in their hair. Some children use sports headbands. Make a slit on the inside only of one side and run the wire through the headband to a matching slit on the other side, just above the ear. An elastic band or a small pocket can be attached to the inside to hold the hearing aid (make certain that the microphone can "peek" out the edge). The oscillator must directly contact the skin so must be attached in such a way that nothing comes between the oscillator and the skin. Often just the fit of the headband will achieve this or velcro could be attached to the back of the oscillator.

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