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Where should I go for hearing aid repairs?

Due to the complex circuitry in today's digital hearing aids, having them repaired by the original hearing aid manufacturer is the best option.  If your hearing aids are under warranty from the manufacturer, this can be done at minimal or no charge to you, the hearing aid user. 

If you suspect your hearing aid needs repair, take it back to the hearing center where you were fit with it, or another reputable local office.  Many times, hearing aids will require reprogramming after a repair.  Online or mail-order repair services may not be able to program your hearing aid back to its original settings.  This can cause many problems, including difficulty hearing and whistling, or feedback.  It is best to return to the local clinic, where your records and hearing test results are available and the hearing aid can be restored to the optimal settings for your hearing loss.

Most manufacturers offer a 6-month or 12-month warranty with repairs.  Contact your local hearing center for specific repair charges in your particular situation.

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