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Cleaning ITE Hearing Aids

In nearly all cases, regular wiping with a clean, soft tissue or cloth is all that is needed to keep ITE hearing aids clean. Although most hand wipes use rather mild chemicals, the shells of hearing aids are usually hard and polished enough that no cleaning solvent is needed. In some cases, the body of the hearing aid is soft and some cleaning chemicals may actually react with the material.

The one area of a hearing aid that needs special attention is the sound port. Since this is the section of the hearing aid that sits deepest in the ear canal, it is prone to collect cerumen (ear wax). It is essential to keep this opening clear because that is where the sound comes out. Most manufacturers use some sort of wax control on their devices (screens, filters, picks, loops, etc.). You should refer to the specific recommendations for wax removal that were included when the hearing aids were delivered to you.

Giving the devices the opportunity to dry out overnight is also important for internal ''cleanliness''. Although the outer surface may be clean, moisture can accumulate inside the hearing aid during the course of the day. In most cases, leaving the battery door open overnight may be enough to dry them out. In some more extreme cases, a drying storage kit may be recommended by your audiologist for overnight use.

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