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Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Rayovac does offer a battery tester. It is not a precision instrument and we sell it for under $5. I can guarantee that a $5 battery tester is not very precise. You can find a higher precision battery tester in the retail market from places like Radio Shack and they may cost around $100. The best test for a battery is if you put it in a device and the device powers up properly, then its a good battery. The battery tester can only confirm that the battery is good, not the length of service you can expect from the battery because of the flat discharge curve of a zinc air battery.

About Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries:

Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries are the number one choice of hearing care professionals! Rayovac ProLine Advanced premium zinc air hearing aid batteries offer you long-lasting performance. You can count on Rayovac ProLine Advanced batteries to offer you predictable battery life and consistency - battery to battery. If you would like additional information please visit http://www.rayovac.com/hearing/

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