Sites We Like: Ear Plugs & Bike Helmets For Hearing Protection

Editor's Note: Every so often, we come across a website we feel may benefit our readers.  Sometimes these are hearing loss or hearing aid-related sites, but sometimes they are on other related topics.  In this edition of "Sites We Like", we share with you sites that offer hearing protection including foam ear plugs and bike helmets.  We hope you enjoy this feature!

Howard Leight

ear plugs howard leightHoward Leight offers many options for in-ear hearing protection and ear plugs.  They produce hearing protection device that not only prevent hearing damage, but also are comfortable for the wearer.  Their website provides a wealth of articles and presentations regarding hearing protection and prevention of noise exposure.  The Hearing Protection Selector section of the website helps individuals tailor a hearing protection solution to their particular needs.  Learn more about Howard Leight at


ear plugs ear peaceEarPeace is a company focused on providing ear plugs that protect ears from hearing damage without compromising the sound quality of musical performances.  They have created hearing protection specifically for people who like to enjoy listening to music at venues that can sometimes be very loud, such as concerts, nightclubs, or weddings. 

The ear plugs themselves are designed to be comfortable and blend in with your skintone, so they are not conspicuous to others.  More information about hearing protection and noise exposure due to music can be found at



ear plugs hearosHEAROS is a company that has been around since 1992.  They offer ear plugs available at many retail outlets across the country.  Their products help customers reduce noise, protect hearing, and prevent water damage to the ear.  

HEAROS offers foam ear plugs as well as more sophisticated models that work better for music.  Also, they feature a pair of fun, pink ear plugs specifically designed for women!  To learn more about HEAROS, visit


hearing protection helmetsMany people may not realize it, but riding a motorcycle creates a lot of noise – and some motorcycle helmets actually increase the noise level at the rider’s ears!  A unique site called webBikeWorld addresses the unique concerns associated with preventing hearing loss in motorcyclists.  They offer reviews and other information for people looking for the best hearing protection out on the open road.  Read reviews and learn more about hearing protection options at

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