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Oticon Hearing Aids: Putting People First

You may not have heard of Oticon but this innovative hearing aid manufacturer can help you hear better. As the Baby Boomer bubble moves into hearing aid range, Oticon’s product line of quality hearing aids is designed to meet the needs of this group of “oldies but goodies” with the latest in hearing aid technology, sound quality, automated convenience, wireless connectivity in a wireless world and, of course, wearing comfort that’ll get you through the longest days.

The company, well-known and highly regarded by hearing professionals, has always put “people first,” but Oticon’s new approach to hearing loss propels the company to a new level of client-centered service.

It’s a New Generation of Hearing for New AND Pro-Active Consumers

Oticon hearing aids has always placed hearing aid wearers first through the delivery of a broad menu of hearing loss options.  The company offers a wide-reaching array of hearing aid solutions to accommodate both the needs and preferences of those of us who turn to technology to improve the quality of our lives. Let’s face it, life’s too short to miss anything.

Oticon hearing aids

Oticon Agil = High Performance
Image courtesy Oticon

So, to meet the needs of its loyal consumers, Oticon has developed a number of hearing aids, one guaranteed to meet unique hearing loss needs and preferences.

Need wireless connectivity? Check out the Oticon Agil hearing aid line up of high performance hearing aids. Sleek, discrete, comfortable and levels of customization that fit your hearing needs. Just yours.

High-tech meets high fashion with the Oticon Dual hearing aid series.

The Oticon Epoq hearing aid line employs ear-to-ear wireless technology to enable hearing aids to share ear input to deliver the most organic sound available – hearing the way it used to be. All natural.

And the Oticon Vigo Connect hearing aid keeps you logged in and locked on to the communications grid so you’re always connected. Wireless connectivity without the headaches and hassles.

Oticon’s ConnectLine is a connectivity solution that allows hearing aid wearers to stay connected cell phones, TVs, MP3 players, computer and land line telephones – all through your hearing aids.

The company is committed to providing hearing solutions for seniors and youngsters too.

Kids with hearing loss stay in the mainstream with the Oticon Amigo system, while the Oticon Safari hearing aid offers value and performance in a sweet looking package.

And there’s more: Oticon Sumo DM hearing aid, Power Products (pack a punch), and Oticon HIT hearing aid are all designed to meet the hearing needs for all of us, regardless of age, budget or the need to connect. Oticon delivers solutions that make life fun and functional.

According to a recent Oticon bulletin: “Modern society is reshaping what it means to age. Today's aging generation is well informed and more demanding than ever before. They are also the most health-conscious generation that has ever lived and they bring that health-oriented mindset to hearing care as well.”

It’s Not Just About Sound, It’s Also about Support

"Helping hearing impaired people to hear better is simply not enough," explains Oticon’s president, Peer Lauritsen. "We must expand our commitment to empower them to communicate freely, to interact naturally and to participate actively." Cool. A corporate culture that actually puts people first.

Okay, it sounds on point but how does Oticon put this user-centric philosophy into practice? In a meaningful way.

The company, which distributes its products through hearing professionals like audiologists and hearing aid practitioners, has always focused its efforts on end-user benefits; one reason Oticon hearing aid wearers remain loyal. Once these consumers try Oticon they stay with a designer and manufacturer they know, like and trust. Now, Oticon delivers even more.

Oticon's corporate values strengthen the company's focus on user benefits that are valuable and relevant to both end-users and hearing professionals. Oticon’s guiding principles are simple and straightforward: 

  • The needs of people with hearing loss come first
  • Innovation is how Oticon meets the hearing needs of a new generation of health conscious buyers
  • Empowering consumers to stay engaged, active and informed is the ultimate goal at Oticon

People First

Oticon People First
Oticon's Philosophy Image courtesy Oticon

Oticon stays in touch with its consumers, collecting data on the personal and professional challenges we all face every day. The company works one-on-one with hearing professionals and hearing aid wearers in the laboratory, in the field and at Oticon's international research center. This multi-pronged approach to design provides Oticon with the insight highly-skilled engineers require to increase functionality in daily life, addressing consumer expectations, needs and social interaction.

It’s not a cookie cutter, one-size fits all approach to hearing loss. Oticon puts people first by listening to the people who dispense and use their products. What do you know, a company that actually listens so you can hear better.

The company’s “People First” philosophy enables hearing solutions professionals to deliver customization, individualization and information that create the perfect fit every time.

Innovation: Leading the Way to Hearing Health

"Our culture of innovation gives Oticon the energy and the ability to be the first to bring the best to consumers" Oticon’s President recently stated in a press release. "This enables us to set new standards by turning seemingly impossible needs and preferences into innovative, functional and beneficial solutions."

Oticon’s core values stress that true innovation occurs when people work together across specialties to develop leading edge technology to meet your hearing needs. When audiology science and advanced technology are directed by consumer insights, innovative hearing care solutions develop organically. And Oticon employs this client-centric approach to the design, development and implementation of all its products.

Listen up. There’s actually a corporation that wants to hear from you.

Power to the People

This is Oticon's strongest and most valued commitment.

Empowering people to play an active part in life is a goal that Oticon shares with hearing care professionals around the world. "By supporting hearing care professionals to become stronger and more successful life-quality providers, we can, together, achieve our goal of empowering people with hearing loss to lead active, vital lives," Peer Lauritsen explains.

Oticon’s “People First” approach will certainly serve the company well. Hearing professionals will also see the benefits of more innovative products and better, more useful information for themselves and their clients.

However. ultimately, you, the hearing aid consumer, benefit the most. After all, at Oticon, it’s always…

…People First.

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