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The ReSound dot': Who Says Size Doesnt Matter?

When it comes to hearing aids, size does matter and world-renowned ReSound, manufacturer of quality hearing devices, has hit the teeny-tiny bulls-eye with the introduction of the dot'. (Yep, that's how they spell it.) As the company literature proclaims, the smallest thing can make the biggest difference and in the case of ReSound's dot, ain't it the truth.

Not Too Cool on a Hearing Aid?

Who is? Older folks, those who thought they'd burn-out, not fade away (with props to Neil Young) are now shopping around for a good audiologist thanks to those endless hours of listening to Neil with Crazy Horse. Good times.

And the onset of hearing loss is occurring at younger and younger ages. Hearing health care professionals are seeing lots of Duran Duran fans and the Nirvana crowd is following close behind. We live in a world of noise. Its all around us. And now, with the advent of the MP3 player, were pumping sound straight at the ear drum up to 120dBs of sound pressure enough to have you looking for a good hearing specialist before youre 30.

ReSound dot': Coolness Earwise

Its true, none of us want to wear a hearing aid, but if you no longer hear the high notes or the soft sounds of nature outside your door, it may be time to grit your teeth, put on your big boy (or big girl) clothes and go for a hearing test. Once you know the extent of your hearing loss (What'd he just say?), you can take steps toward a richer, higher quality of life with products like the dot from ReSound.

Thankfully, we live in the digital age, which means todays quality hearing devices can carry a lot of circuitry in a very small, discreet package. Thats what the dot it all about automated listening convenience, the highest-quality, unprocessed sound (keepin the sound green, man) and all-day wearing comfort. The dot is the wave of the future designed for people with hearing loss today.

The dot is one of the smallest behind-the-ear (BTE; You'll learn the nomenclature as you shop) devices available. That means its light, thin and fits nearly invisibly behind the ear, though why wearers would want to hide their dots isn't quite clear. These digital machines come in some pretty cool colors from fire engine red to retro avocado. Didn't you have a fridge that color some time back in the day?

But todays hearing aid users want more than cool colors. They expect performance and zero hassles when it comes to any adaptive device, from hearing aids to walkers. The dot delivers.

dot's got guts

Okay, colors are cool and invisibility, for those who desire it, are part of ReSound dot's appeal, but you can expect more from quality hearing devices like this one. Todays premier hearing aid manufacturers are also building in convenience so you don't have to even think about that thing in your ear. Just wear it. How cool is that?

Wearing dot is virtually effortless (no, really). It's smart. It reads sound conditions wherever you are and automatically makes adjustments to volume, balance, signal-to noise ratio, microphone directionality the whole deal, all handled without giving it thought. So, you can go from loud to quiet environments and not have to fumble with manual adjustments. Hey, this is the age of automation and we've all come to rely on automation to make our lives easier.

Other features of this powerful hearing device include super clear sound. If you've been putting off buying a hearing aid for like the past 10 years, you'll be amazed the first time you try dot at all the sounds you've been missing. (You may now kick yourself for waiting so long.) Unparalleled sound quality, automated convenience and a cool outer shell that's small, lightweight and comfortable all day long.

No more painful feedback, common in earlier versions of hearing devices. And thanks to open fit technology, no stuffy ear feeling - your own voice still sounds like you. That's what you can expect from quality, contemporary hearing devices.

That's what you can expect from ReSound's dot. Indeed, size does matter. Especially with hearing aids. Can you spot the dot? Probably not.

The dot's got the goods.

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