The Bernafon brite': Show It If Youve Got It

Bernafon is well-known for the quality of its Swiss-made hearing devices devices known worldwide to deliver quality sound, high functionality and ease of use. Now, with the introduction of the Bernafon brite, the company has added a little behind-the-ear pizzazz to its product line.

The Bernafon brite'

It's small and ergonomically designed for long-wearing comfort, and brite comes in a rainbow of hot and cool colors. This device isn't for people who want to hide hearing loss.

These advanced, state-of-the art devices are great for kids, teens and adults who want to show a little bling behind the ear. And enjoy a natural hearing experience.

Clearly, the target market for the Bernafon brite is the aging Baby Boomers who won't wear the humongous hearing aids grandpa wore. It's just not going to happen and the hearing aid industry, Bernafon and other manufacturers of quality hearing aids, are bringing out products that are as cool as a tie-dyed t-shirt at the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Today, it's sleek, good looks all the way. Just check out the colors. brite wearers make a statement loud and clear: Check me out. Is this cool or what? Even better the brite colors are interchangeable allowing a completely customizable look to match any person's style, or even mood.

More Than a Pretty Face

Even the coolest looking hearing aid isn't going to make you happy if it doesn't deliver quality performance and hearing comfort. The brite delivers the latest in digital technology in that attractive little bundle. In fact, Bernafon's brite picked up a prestigious Red Dot Award in 07. The company stated, In receiving the Red Dot Award, brite.has been recognized for its elite design and technology. This quality seal for exceptional design is awarded annually at the international Red Dot Award competition. To win, a product must exhibit a particularly sophisticated and innovative design.

Bingo! Designed for automated convenience and wearing comfort, the brite was inspired by the shape and tactile characteristics of soft organic forms'

brite naturally different

brite is a receiver in the ear device, and under the hood, you'll find the latest in utility and convenience. The casing is designed for comfort and the open ear hearing experience allows your natural hearing ability to kick in to supplement the sound delivered by brite. It's a more natural, organic sound. You'll hear the difference immediately.

Today, hearing aids are using advancements in digital technology to pack more power, more features and an improved hearing experience into smaller, sleeker and more fashionable casings. brite has brains to go with its award-winning looks. Using Bernafon's unique Lifestyle Profile, brite combines unique listening goals with hearing levels to determine the most appropriate settings necessary to meet each users listening needs. After being fit, brite continues its brilliance with the brite Tracker. During everyday use, the brite Tracker actually logs statistics of use to assist your hearing health care professional in providing an even further enhanced listening experience.

From an outdoor stadium and the roar of the fans to the quiet sound of a babbling brook, brite adjusts to your preferences and your needs automatically. And that puts you in complete control of your hearing experience. Automated feedback reduction, microphone directionality and a lot of memory make the brite even easier to wear everyday. Organic in both shape and functionality, brite is at once distinctive and discreet, making a subtle statement about the wearer. You wont see this everywhere.

So, visit your hearing health care professional and ask about Bernafon brite. Look cool. Hear better and rock on.

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