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The Latest in Hearing Technology: You Wont Believe Your Ears

Wearing a hearing aid is as much fun as a root canal or at least thats what most people think. Big, clunky things with lots of wires, howling feedback and constant complaints from granddad, right? Sure, you remember. But, right along with other forms of digital technology, hearing aids have gotten smaller, more comfortable, more intuitive and produce a more natural sound. These mighty, little machines have changed the way we hear and you heard it here, first.

The Latest Technology Simply Simple

Lets look at a couple of examples of this leading edge technology and how its improved hearing quality (not to mention quality of life) for millions of people.

Siemens makes some of the best hearing devices in the world and two in particular are going to make you smile if youre in the market for a better hearing experience, i.e. you're tired of asking people What'd ya say?

Check out Siemens Artis 2 helping people with hearing loss fully appreciate all that life has to offer according to the product literature. The Artis 2 is actually one smart machine. Tiny, but smart.

First, like several other premium-grade hearing devices, the Artis 2 learns the wearers volume preferences. (That's you.) The longer its worn, the smarter it gets and will adjust automatically. That is less that you have to do. That's cool. Even better, the Artis 2 actually records and stores hearing aid use data so your hearing health professional can access the data for quick adjustments as needed and they're not needed often.

Another feature a necessity in todays go-go, stay-connected world is e2e wireless' connectivity. Huh? This technology creates natural, transparent binaural hearing by synchronizing the settings between the left and right hearing aids. Directional microphone systems are synchronized to ensure optimal localization and listening in background noise. e2e also allows for one touch control you make an adjustment on one hearing aid and the other changes too. Effortlessly.

Feedback the awful, painful whistling sound is reduced digitally with feedback cancellation, meaning you can talk on the telephone with ease, usually a common cause of feedback, without having an eardrum blown out just saying Hello. Again, its all done automatically so you can focus on the world around you, not some screeching in your ear.

The Artis 2 can also differentiate between sound and just plain noise. Say you're at a noisy conference. Lots of chatter, lots of give-and-take. The Artis 2 manages speech and noise by upping the volume on speech while reducing background din. So you can hear the speaker even when some guy at your table is telling the same old joke again. The adaptive microphone used in the Artis 2 optimizes hearing settings even when you're surrounded by multiple sources of noise including the stale joke guy.

Finally, the Artis 2 comes with an optional pocket remote so you can make manual setting adjustments without making a big deal about it. You don't have to remove the device and ask your buddy to say Test. Test. while you fiddle with tiny knobs and scrolling wheels. All handled discreetly from your coat pocket no fuss, no bother, and no worries.

The Siemens Cielo 2

Completely adaptable, the Cielo 2 part of the Cielo line - provides hearing aid flexibility to address the severity of the patients hearing loss, from minor to major.

Like the Artis 2, the Cielo 2 also delivers the same automated convenience with speech versus noise adjustments on the fly (no thought required), an automated, directional microphone and complete data logging the ability to remember your listening preferences, and to provide your hearing health professional with the information needed to make whatever minor adjustments are needed.

Automatic feedback cancellation, wind noise reduction and, again, an adjustable remote control take hearing to new levels. Cielo 2 also features an environmental classification system which automatically aligns the hearing aids processing to the current environment you are in. Discreet, automated, effortless, providing a more natural hearing experience.

Cielo 2 Active

If you are one who likes to ride that extra mile or run that extra lap, Cielo 2 Active may be for you. Cielo 2 Active is small but mighty. Its unique AquaProtect' technology resists humidity and moisture better than most hearing aids. It repels sweat, water, and other moisture. Yes it is true. It even protects from debris entering the hearing aid (including ear wax!).

Is This the Wave of the Future?

No way.

This isn't some sci-fi technology that'll be available by the end of the century. It's here today in the best hearing devices. The primary objectives facing designers and manufacturers of hearing devices are pretty straightforward:

  • improve the quality of sound, making it more natural
  • automate routine processes like volume adjustments
  • identify and pinpoint sources of sound
  • pick up sound data from the environment and adjust accordingly
  • eliminate feedback
  • provide high tech good looks
  • offer hearing devices in various shapes and sizes to ensure all-day wearing comfort
  • reduce background noise, wind noise and other ambient hearing distractions to enable you to listen to the person talking directly to you without picking up a conversation taking place across the room.

So, you've been putting off that visit to the audiologist because, just the thought of wearing a hearing aid, gives you a headache (and ear ache). Well, the times, they are a-changin'. Technology has changed and so have hearing aids. No more tangled wires, no more fussing with adjustments, no more unattractive gizmo thing hanging out of your ear.

Its a different day and todays hearing aids are made for wearing comfort, natural sound and automated convenience. Sorry, you don't have any more excuses. Visit your hearing specialist or hearing aid dispenser to try the new Siemens Artis and Cielo product lines.

It's just what you've been waiting to hear.

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