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Former Miss America Spreads Message of Hearing Health with GN ReSound Support

Deidre Downs is quite a remarkable person. First, shes Miss America 2005. Thats an accomplishment. Second, she experiences hearing loss and has worn hearing aids since she was in kindergarten. She currently attends medical school. And finally, Deidre is a media spokesperson for hearing health through her affiliation with hearing aid maker GN ReSound. Ms. Downs has made numerous appearances on local and national television, and at numerous public speaking events, spreading the word about the importance of healthy hearing.

That makes Deidre Downs remarkable, indeed.

Deidres Story

Miss America 2005 has experienced hearing loss all of her life. She wore hearing devices from the age of five. When Deidre was selected Miss America in 05, the media provided a great deal of coverage of her hearing impairment a hearing impairment that obviously didnt keep this young woman down. She won the crown and the hearts of Americans the evening of the 2005 Pageant.

What makes Deidres story all the more compelling is that she continues to serve as a spokesperson for people with hearing loss.

The former Miss America has joined forces with GN ReSound to raise awareness of just how widespread hearing loss is, and what technology is currently available for those 31 million people who experience some degree of impairment.

Deidre chooses GN ReSounds state-of-the-art Azure hearing device, employing smart technology to actually adapt to the users hearing preferences and needs. As a medical student, I need to follow the conversations of several speakers in every direction and, unlike other hearing aids, Azure lets me do that, Deidre explained.

With Azure, I am experiencing a natural sound quality unlike anything I have encountered before. This is a really smart hearing aid that adapts to my needs. Im hearing sounds the way people with normal hearing hear. Azure is truly changing my life.


GN ReSound Azure

Like all hearing aid manufacturers, GN ReSound carries a number of products to meet the hearing needs of a variety of consumers. These products, with names like Azure, Metrix, Pixel, Plus 5 and Pulse, have all been designed for active, busy people who want to bring simplicity to the hearing process. No fumbling and fussing with controls. Todays hearing aid wearers, like Deidre Downs, have other, more important things to do.

The GN ReSound Azure provides the automated convenience of sound quality adjustments as needed. No thought required. The technology eliminates the need for constant readjustments in changing sound environments.

The consumer demand for slim, lightweight designs in quality hearing devices has not been lost on the engineers at GN ReSound, who developed the high-tech Azure that utilizes Warp', a sound-processing technology preferred by 70% of test subjects. Its a technology that creates a more natural listening experience.

The device also delivers natural directionality, using the brains ability to process and prioritize sound information, allowing Deidre to focus on a speaker in front of her while reducing peripheral sound coming from either side.

Hearing Comfort

Todays hearing aid wearers want choices choices in design, in type of device, in color and in sound delivery systems to the ear. GN ReSound, along with other quality manufacturers, delivers enough options to fit the preferences of any consumer.

GN Resound also recently introduced its new CRT (canal receiver technology) that places the speaker directly in the ear canal rather than in the hearing device itself. This produces a more natural, more comfortable hearing experience. The company also offers the sound tube, the latest in open-fitting design. This technology allows wearers to hear sound naturally to the extent that they are able. And because GN ReSound offers two sound delivery systems, in a long menu of products and in a variety of colors, the consumer can pick and choose, with the help of their hearing health care provider, what best suits his or her comfort and hearing needs.


Keeping Up With Her Peers

Deidre Downs reached the top by becoming Miss America, exceeding the commonly limiting expectations of the public for those with disabilities. Part of the reason for her success is because hearing aid technology was used early in life to help Deidre develop language skills along with the other skills we all require to lead normal lives.

Miss America 2005 never lived outside of the mainstream. She was never labeled special and, not only kept up with her peers, she surpassed many of them on her way to the crown and, now, as a student in medical school.

Hearing loss can affect people of any age from newborns to seniors but thanks to todays hearing aid technology and its proper use during the learning years, most children can keep up with his or her peers.

And as Deidre has proven to us - with hard work and determination anything is possible!

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