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Unitron Hearing U.shell: One Size Does NOT Fit All

When it comes to hearing aids, one size does not fit all. The fact is, a comfortable fit is what all hearing aid users are looking for. A fit the feels natural and doesnt chafe the ear canal or fall out at precisely the wrong moment.

The two most important considerations when weighing the purchase of a hearing aid are sound quality and wearing comfort and not necessarily in that order. Lets face it, even the best hearing aid is going to be left in the box if its too uncomfortable to wear. Thats the motive behind the development of Unitron Hearings U.shell a hearing aid manufacturing system that brings traditional manufacturing methods into the computer age.

Unitron Hearing

For over 40 years, Unitron has been serving the hearing health community of professionals through the development of innovative technologies that simplify both the fitting and utilization of hearing devices, something that makes both audiologists and their patients very happy indeed.

The company has developed a nice slate of products to fit all hearing needs and all budgets. No need to blow the kids tuition savings to hear better. Unitron Hearings got you covered.

The companys business is hearing solutions. Not just louder hearing but improved hearing in all environments, more natural hearing, improved wearing comfort and quality hearing devices at lower costs. Unitron Hearings R & D has recently announced the release of hearing aid manufacturing software that takes the pain out of gain to deliver improved hearing and wearing comfort using the latest in digital computer software. Want to hear about it? You do if youve tried hearing aids before and didnt like them.

This is an impression of a patents ear. The audiologist creates this impression using a highly workable material to create an accurate, three-dimensional image of the ear the place where the hearing aid will be worn.

The Traditional Manufacturing Method

Easy and analog. The hearing health professional simply took an impression of the patients ear canal using a pliable material that conformed to the smallest contours of the inner ear. Its a technology thats been around for decades and one thats still used today by audiologists and hearing aid manufacturers including Unitron Hearing. It is, after all, the best way to create an accurate impression of the ear canal in which the hearing device will be worn.

Once the impression of the patients ear was completed by the audiologist, it was next sent off to the hearing aid manufacturer who would create a custom device in the general shape of the received ear impression. It was a process that required a good eye and a steady hand to create the outer shell of the hearing aid to create a comfortable fit. And frankly, some wearers were delighted with the wearing comfort of these hearing devices. Others, not so much. And believe this: there is nothing more annoying than an ill-fitting hearing device something that requires a lot of fidgeting and fussing throughout the day. Not exactly low-profile.

Unitron Hearings U.shell Technology

The problem wasnt a lack of skill on the part of the audiologist or the manufacturing technician. The problem was caused by too many judgment calls on the part of the professionals involved in creating and shaping each hearing aid to each patient. Thats why Unitron Hearing developed U.shell computer software and scanner. Using this technology, Unitron can make a digitized, 3-D image of the wax mold made by the audiologist or other hearing health care provider.

This is a computer rendering of an ear impression created by an audiologist. This is where judgment calls are replaced by finite (extremely finite) dimensions that take virtually all guesswork out of building a Unitron Hearing device.

Now, the manufacturing technician has numbers, measurements and dimensionality to create, not only a well-fitting hearing device, but a perfectly fitting device designed for comfort even at the end of a long day.

This picture shows how Unitron Hearings U.shell technology simplifies the fitting process. By making adjusts using the computer software, the manufacturers technician can increase or decrease size, change shape and configure the device to the exact, computer-generated data produced by the U.shell program.

The Benefits

Lets start with the most obvious benefit a hearing device that fits naturally and comfortably in the users ear. Thats no small benefit when you wear an aid throughout the day and into the night. Even the best fitting devices still caused discomfort chafing, a feeling of stuffiness and even headaches.

Once the outer shell has been completed, the inner workings of the hearing aid are added and adjusted to provide the best, most natural hearing for the wearer.

The internal settings of the hearing device are based on testing conducted in the audiologists office so that each device is uniquely configured, from outer shell to internal, digital settings that provide a less processed, more natural sound.

been around for a number of years, btw, is able to produce a more uniform, more comfortable fitting hearing device based on computer data rather than analog measurements of length, circumference and other fitting parameters.

Benefit # 2: fewer visits to the audiologist for adjustments to an ill-fitting device. This saves the patient (and hearing health professional) time. Using this 3-D computer technology, patients usually find wearing comfort after a single visit to the audiologist.

The Unitron Product Line

Unitron Hearing offers a variety of hearing devices, all of which can be fitted with computer precision. Each device has its own set of options and benefits from top of the line to an entry-level model often selected by first-time hearing aid wearers who want to test drive the goods.

The premium quality Indigo' line eliminates the shock of sudden bursts of noise and provides automated convenience to eliminate regular adjustments to sound environments. The companys Element 16 employs multiple microphone strategies, feedback reduction, Easy-T for convenient telephone use and even a wind noise processor to manage ambient sound even at the beach. Unitron Hearings product line fits your needs and budget.

And now, thanks to the application of 3-D computer technology, you can also be sure that a Unitron Hearing custom device will also provide a natural, comfortable fit.

More natural sound and increased wearing comfort. These are the two most critical factors in hearing aid patient satisfaction. And with Unitron Hearings 3-D U.shell fitting software, you know this device is going to feel right right from the start.

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