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Hearing Aids for Life in Motion

Like all manufacturers of premium digital hearing aids, Siemens Hearing Instruments has carefully monitored market preferences and, early on, saw the demographic Baby Boomer bubble moving through the pipeline and into hearing aid range. Today's hearing aid consumers know exactly what they want. They want a lot in natural hearing, wearing comfort, automation and, for some, wireless connectivity is a must-have.

Siemens, headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, in late 2008 showed off the latest editions, LIFE and Motion, to the company's expansive product line of innovative and high-quality hearing aids at the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acoustics (EUHA) in Leipzig, Germany.

Siemens' LIFE hearing aids are designed for both new and current hearing aid wearers looking for style, functionality, convenience and durability in an eye-catching container. Motion is a gutsy, industrial-strength hearing aid that brings convenience to new levels.

Motion appeals to those consumers who want a hearing aid that takes care of the small stuff so the wearer doesn't have to. Automated convenience and self-maintenance are the buzzwords surrounding Siemens' Motion.

Siemens' LIFE Hearing Aids

Siemens Life Hearing Aids
Beautiful hearing with Siemens LIFE

What is more beautiful than life? Exactly, so what a fitting name for Siemens' latest beauty – LIFE, a hearing aid with sophisticated technology and sophisticated good looks. LIFE is smaller than comparable units, but still packs plenty of power for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who need some extra boost.

LIFE is also designed with today's hearing aid consumer in mind. This lightweight behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is designed for all-day wearing comfort, is packed with the latest Siemens' hearing tech and it comes in an array of colors from Golden Blonde to Berry Charming – like jewelry behind the ear.

LIFE, being the latest in open-fit technology, also delivers the most comfortable and organic hearing experience through the use of ultra-thin, ultra-light LifeTubes and replaceable tips. The lightweight design of the hearing aid and the use of LifeTubes allows for the hearing aid to rest peacefully and discreetly behind the ear.

Sophisticated hearing aid technology means sophisticated hearing. LIFE provides wearers with a long list of the latest in hearing aid technology, including e2e wireless 2.0® – which allows two hearing aids to work as one, improving your ability to localize sounds and your overall listening experience.

Siemens' Motion Hearing Aids

Siemens Motion BTEs
Siemens' Motion

Baby Boomers are staying active well into their Golden Years and they need a hearing aid that can handle life in motion without a lot of fuss. Motion is targeted at those new and veteran hearing aid wearers who prize ease-of-use above all else. These folks want to spend quality time, not time driving to the drugstore for replacement batteries at midnight. Who needs it?

So, Siemens designed a rechargeable hearing aid that eliminates clumsy battery swaps and the unforeseen battery fade that puts the wearer out of touch until a new power plant can be installed. (“Anybody got a hearing aid battery? Anybody?)

Motion is also loaded with amps – designed to power up for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Motion also comes loaded with convenience features to simplify an already hectic life. Motion's got you covered. Hear more. Hear more easily.

Motion comes in six behind-the-ear designs, two performance levels, 14 color choices and a full line of custom models – which will not only suit your hearing needs and your wallet, but your style.

It's a Wireless Life

With life in today's digital era, wireless connectivity is a must for most hearing aid wearers, which is why Siemens has ensured both LIFE and Motion hook you up.

With the use of the Siemens Tek, an optional wireless enhancement for both LIFE and Motion, wearers can stay connected. The Tek allows to stream sound from MP3 players, wireless phones, the TV and other audio devices directly to your LIFE or Motion hearing aids. The benefit is direct amplification at the levels you need from all the wireless devices that keep you connected in today's world.

Siemens Sees the Future

AudiologyOnline's, Carolyn Smaka, sat down for a little face time with Siemens' Thomas Powers, Ph.D., the VP of Audiology at Siemens. Dr. Powers gave a little insight into the direction his company is moving in the realm of hearing aid design.

“I think what we are beginning to finally see are hearing aids truly becoming communication devices for hearing impaired individuals. To me, this is as exciting an advancement as when digital hearing aids were first introduced a number of years ago,” Dr. Powers explained.

“As we continue to introduce new hearing instruments, one of the things we want to ensure is that we not only connect with the devices available today, but also look to the future to other types of communication devices that may need to connect with hearing instruments. It's important that we are committed to expanding the list of devices that hearing instruments can talk to.”

Yep, that's where we're all headed regardless of our age or ability to hear.

So, to stay in the game, we need hearing aids that keep us tuned in and turned on (meaning not in your drawer!).

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