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History shows that technology – any technology from locomotives to hearing aids (yes, hearing aids) - chugs along at a fairly steady pace. And then, something or someone comes along and turns the technological world on its ear (pun intended). Think about cars. Just 100 years ago, they were a novelty. Since then, there’s been a quantum leap in automobile technology. Compare a Model T to a ‘Vette.

This kind of change has occurred within the hearing aid industry and one example is the introduction of ReSound’s be™ – a hearing aid that’s the end all to be all.

resound aid

be by ReSound delivers high tech comfort

ReSound is a long-established designer of cutting-edge hearing aids designed to deliver the most natural hearing experience you can get. Recently ReSound introduced their latest product, be, which is totally hi-tech and it’s hot. (That’s right; a hearing aid can be hot.)

be Different

The importance of wearing comfort in hearing aid satisfaction is huge. Your hearing aids are with you morning, noon and into the night. So, if they aren’t comfortable, they won’t make you a happy camper. And there is a good chance they will end up in the drawer.

The be by ReSound is ergonomically different than other products on the market and is designed to eliminate ear fatigue. It’s extremely lightweight, comfortable and, in fact, it’s a safe bet that you’ll actually forget you’re wearing hearing aids – even after an evening of dinner and dancing or a bucket of chicken and a movie rental. The be stays comfortable so you don’t have to fidget all day.

According to Michael Howitz, Director of Product Management, ReSound U.S, in an interview with AudiologyOnline, be accomplishes wearing comfort by its unique design and is “a brand new type of instrument that has not really been seen in the industry before”. The main part of the hearing aid is square shaped and fits inside the ear canal, similar to a CIC, but without the custom cosmetic and occlusion issues that CIC’s often present to wearers. By placing a square device into the round ear canal, there is venting around the entire device providing an open and natural feeling fit.

The only thing that comes out of the ear canal is a thin tube which leaves the ear canal and comes up and circles around the inside of the outer ear. At the end of the tube is the microphone itself, which is placed at upper part of the outer, referred to as the helix by hearing care professionals.

be Delivers Total Discretion

Do you see anything? I don’t. Unless I’m looking straight down someone’s ear canal (a clear indication of too much time on my hands), the ReSound be is invisible for those who prefer discretion.

resound ear

be by ReSound offers a discrete fit

This low profile is accomplished by the unique design and by the color of the hearing aid, which is an anthracite or charcoal color. Howitz explains, “…the product comes standard in anthracite or charcoal. This is because, cosmetically, as we’ve been out in the market testing this and looking at it on different people and different ear canals, we have seen that the best cosmetics are achieved when we actually just match the hearing aid to blend into the natural shadow right outside of the ear canal.”

Hearing Comfort

Of course, accomplishing a comfortable and low-profile fit is only phase one of be by ReSound. Your hearing aids can be totally discreet, but if they are uncomfortable to listen with, you won’t have the most satisfying listening experience possible.

Always a critical consideration – does the sound you hear through your hearing aid sound natural and organic? Or does it sound tinny and compressed?

ReSound’s be weighs less than a paper clip (a paper clip, for goodness sake!) but it’s packed with digital circuitry designed to produce a natural hearing experience – full spectrum and open ear for ultimate hearing and wearing comfort.

Automated Convenience

Expect nothing but the best from be. Automated feedback suppression to reduce whistling, Environmental Optimizer to optimize settings for various listening environments and automated Noise Tracker II noise reduction to automatically reduce background noise so you can hear the speech of your companions rather than the din.

ReSound’s be also contains a data logger that tracks your hearing environments and preferences so the device can be more finely tuned to your common, everyday environments and how you like to hear them.

For the new hearing aid wearer the be features an Acceptance Manager, which gradually increases sounds levels according to each wearer’s unique needs over a period of time. This feature is instrumental in improving wearer satisfaction following the initial hearing aid fitting.

There’s more to this space age hearing module:

  • Coyote 3.1 chip technology to extend battery life (hooray!)
  • Smart Start that eases you into your day
  • Low battery indicator
  • Size 10A battery (readily available)
  • Customized housings
  • Easy-to-adjust mic
  • Easily changeable microphone and wax filters

You won’t see it but you’ll hear it. And love it,

Research shows hearing aids improve the quality of life by improving communication with friends and loved ones. Connect again with the world by turning up the volume on life. Be who and what you want to be with ReSound’s be.

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