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Siemens Takes the Larger View: Hearing Aids for People, Not Just Ears

Siemens is recognized as one of the premier designers and makers of quality hearing aids so it was more than a little surprising when the company let fly a press release indicating a new direction for the global giant: SIEMENS HEARING INSTRUMENTS STOPS FOCUSING ON EARS.

Wow, this is big news from a big company so whats the deal?

Well, as the release explains:

In an effort to better serve the hearing-impaired community, Siemens Hearing Instruments has taken on a whole new outlook. No longer content to simply design the best hearing instruments for ears, Siemens is designing the best hearing instruments for the whole person.

Being in the business of hearing means focusing on ears and perhaps losing sight of the fact that those ears are attached to people; different people, with different needs, lifestyles and requirements in their hearing instruments.

What a concept. Of course, its so simple. Instead of a cookie cutter approach to hearing impairment and instead of focusing solely on the ears and the source of the impairment, Siemens is taking the entire person into account everything from personal preferences to activity levels to budget.

To launch this company paradigm shift in hearing aid design, Siemens has introduced an entire series of new products designed, not to just improve hearing, but to improve quality of life for all its consumers. Gotta love the concept!

So, what makes these new hearing aids suitable for the entire person and not just for the ears attached to that person? Lets look at Siemens new product line. One of these is right for you and your lifestyle from triathlon-active to professional couch potato. Whatever the day has in store, one of these devices is the perfect choice. Check em out.

Siemens Pure

Pure is designed for people who prefer a discreet device that, in the case of Pure, is virtually invisible to the world. Its tiny but powerful, ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Pure comes in two models to best suit your wearing preferences. Pure is the smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) device available and the smallest completely-in-canal (CIC) version youll find.

Like all Siemens products, Pure automatically synchs up sound, adjusts volume and listening preferences automatically based on any particular listening environment. That means no more fiddling to adjust. Lets face it, pulling out a hearing device to turn up the volume is hardly discreet and discretion is what Siemens Pure is all about.

As the company puts it: Pure subtlety. That says it all.

Siemens Vibe

The Vibe is all about attitude and showing the world youve got nothing to hide.

This thing is cool. First, it doesnt even look like a hearing aid. It rests inside the cup of the ear so your shades will still fit comfortably.

Another cool feature? Interchangeable outer shells so you can select the right color for your outfit or your mood.

And though Siemens Vibe is small, it delivers the boost you need and the comfort you demand. You wont even know youre wearing a hearing device. But the world will.

With Vibe, you make the statement.

Siemens Active

Part of Siemens Centra product line, Active is just what it says it is active for active people. This heavy-duty, rugged unit is water resistant, dust, dirt and grime resistant.

Heres Siemens take: Theres no reason a hearing loss has to slow you down. Aint that the truth. Active is ideal for wearers who are still running 24/7 and who opt for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Running a 5K this weekend? Active can take it and you can take Active along for the ride. White-water rafting? No sweat. Or, sweat all you want. Active seals out moisture as you chug your way to the finish line.

Active comes in a rugged casing, but its gentle on the ear with an open fit that provides a more natural, organic listening experience.

And, as with all Siemens hearing aids, Active comes with a variety of automated features to simplify your life while free climbing a sheer cliff. Not exactly the time you want to lower the volume, so Active handles the details for you.

If your goals are as high as your standards, this is the hearing aid for you and that nothins-gonna-slow-me-down lifestyle you lead. Go for it.

Siemens Explorer

Designed for the specific needs of youngsters, Explorer 500 takes kids where theyve never been before. Explorer stands up to kid stuff all day long and, again, automation takes the hassle out of wearing. Kids have better things to do, right?

Sound is all around us so much so that those of us who hear dont even think about it. But for children with hearing loss, the problems are very serious.

Hearing is one of the key ways that children explore their environment and the world around them, so loss of this ability can be stressful for both the child and their caregivers, said Dr. Thomas Powers, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations at Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. This latest technology is designed to help children get back to exploring their environment while, at the same time, addressing the needs of safety, sensitivity and style.

Parents can be assured their children are not only receiving the amplification they need to thrive in their world but they are receiving it safely. Explorer is packed with safety features and is also nanocoated to repel dust and dirt, to resist scratches and is resistant to breakage. Now that is kid-friendly.

This hearing aid has been baby proofed and kid proofed to ensure a solid hearing aid with most importantly solid performance.

The Siemens Perspective

For decades, manufacturers of all kinds of products have employed the one-size-fits-all model. Of course. Its a lot less expensive to produce can-openers for righties than it is for righties and lefties so left-handed people were left to struggle with a gadget that was designed for another consumer entirely a right-handed consumer!

Siemens perspective of providing customizable solutions to a number of hearing problems experienced by people of all ages and levels of activity is a sign that the hearing aid industry is taking notice of what consumers really want and they want something that fits them, not the other way around.

Its refreshing to see a large company like Siemens take a more personal approach to product development.

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