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Hearing Loss? Whats Next'?

Youre losing your hearing. If youre a 16-year-old with an ear bud permanently attached to your ear canal, youre losing your hearing. If you mowed the lawn all your life without ear protection, youre losing your hearing. The loss of hearing may not appear tomorrow or the day after, but bet your bottom dollar itll get you just like ear hair and sagging body parts.

But you have power the power of choice. You decide what happens next. Do you live with the world growing quieter or do you go proactive and do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Me, Im going kicking and screaming every step along lifes journey and old age is a perception, not a reality.

The Ear Facts of Life

Two recent studies were recently published, one by the Better Hearing Institute and the other by specialty battery maker and home of the pink bunny Energizer. Check out these stats taken from both reports, all jumbled together to scare the living daylights out of you and to compel you to log off and call a hearing healthcare professional for a hearing screen and, if appropriate, a hearing aid or two. Life is too short. Check out the facts:

  • 64.8% of spouses who live with individuals with hearing loss become annoyed.
  • 56.8% of those spouses believe their spouses are in denial about hearing loss.
  • 23.4% of respondents report that a spouse has never had a hearing screen.
  • 50% of adults with hearing loss have never even been tested.
  • 32.5 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss.
  • Two out of every 1,000 newborns experience deafness or hearing impairment at birth.
  • 22 million Americans have hearing loss caused by exposure to loud sounds thanks to ear buds, headphones and the general noise in which most of us live each day. Its a noisy world.
  • Only 20% of individuals who would benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one.

So, you have the power of choice and you have only two choices:

to do something about that perceptible stuffiness you hear and the number of times you ask a co-worker could you repeat that?; or

listen to the world grow quieter and quieter until the only thing you can hear is a freight train rumbling down the tracks.

If it were up to me, Id opt for the first choice and do something about hearing loss for my own benefit and for the benefit of the people in my life family, neighbors, co-workers all of the people who are tired of shouting to be heard.

Whats Next?

Yep, youre thinking about a cumbersome, big as a fist device, a tangle of wires and an earpiece that screeches like a banshee and looks like something out of a 1950s sci-fi flick.

Shows you how wrong you can be. The hearing aid industry is all over this hearing loss thing with digital circuits (smaller than a fingernail), omni-directional mics, automated controls and, in the case of some units, a remote control that allows the wearer to make adjustments to the hearing device without telling the entire boardroom.

Unitron Hearings Next'

A sophisticated line of digital hearing aids from Unitron Hearing helps you hear what is next in life by combining sophisticated technology with sophisticated design options. Unitron Hearings Next' product is their latest digital hearing aid to hit the market and is available in a variety of models to meet the needs of different hearing losses and different budgets.

This product is rich of purpose-driven features for specific client needs. Check out these features, designed to automate device settings, to improve hearing comfort and to enable the wearer to don next' in the AM and wear it all day without any annoying ear cup fatigue. The unit is light as a feather so once its in, it can stay there all day. No hassles, no digging into the back if the ear cup. No ear canal stuffiness. Just natural, organic sound the way sound used to be.

Unitron Hearings Next' Benefits

A simple, foolproof breakthrough feedback management system, allowing optimal fitting range especially for open fit styles.

Superior approach to aid adjustment automation with the use of AutoPro'. This technology utilizes sound destinations to determine how the hearing aid will respond in varying environments.

Industry first Comfort-Clarity Balance: gives you real-time control over speech enhancement and noise reduction providing an optimal balance to create a natural listening experience.

AntiShock': instantly identifies and minimizes impulse sound characteristics of sudden unsettling sounds that often cause discomfort. The benefit is great comfort, without affecting speech clarity.

Difficulty hearing speech is the primary reason persons seek assistance from hearing aids. In the Next' product line speech enhancement technology identifies the presence of speech and increases gain in any of the bands where speech is the foremost signal component, giving speech an advantage over unwanted background noise.

And did I mention the option of a remote control? Available with most Next' models, the Smart Control is more than an average remote. It provides the hearing aid user the ability to adjust the Comfort-Clarity balance as well as other listening preferences with a simple push of a button.

Its Up to You to Decide

Next' is a premium choice in improving your hearing and your quality of life. Who knows, birds may still sing. Wouldnt it be great to hear them again? It is up to you to decide what happens next, but I highly recommend choosing to improve your hearing. Life is too short to not hear it going by.

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