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Phonak CORE: Hearing Aids Go Wireless

Wireless hearing aids. Cool.

Why? Because we live in a wireless world. You may not be plugged into the grid yet but, rest assured, your 10-year-old grand-daughter is with a cell phone, wireless laptop computer, personal data assistant (PDA) like her own Blackberry (in hot pink, of course). Were talking to and texting each other all the time any where within earshot of a cell tower.

Phonak CORE

Digital electronics have led engineers to build smaller, more automated and better-sounding hearing aids than ever before. With directional sound delivery, what you hear is natural electronically. And high quality hearing devices now come with many automated features that automatically adjust for ambient sound.

Phonak, the well-recognized, Swiss-based, hearing device maker, has moved hearing aid design forward to provide synchronized sound and easy connectivity to the communications grid so you can stay in touch with the office or home from anywhere through the use of CORE Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine.

CORE is a technology that allows various forms of wireless communication in some of Phonaks latest digital hearing devices. With Phonak CORE, you are totally plugged into life via your hearing devices.

Synchronized Sound

Devices? Sure. When the hearing starts to go, most of us go with two devices, each tuned to the specific hearing needs of our good and bad ears. However, this two-ear approach to hearing (the one we all prefer, no doubt) wasnt always in sync with real world sound.

Although using two hearing devices is much more beneficial than only one in terms of speech understanding, the use of two hearing aids can often disrupt our natural abilities to distinguish where sounds are coming from localization. Phonak CORE technology eliminates the potential of this issue by restoring natural sound perception by delivering wireless signals between the right and left devices. This technology creates synchronized sound a more natural sound, and the way weve been hearing all our lives.

Phonak Exlia and Nada Hook You Up

In the wireless communications revolution, hearing aid wearers have sort of been left behind. Taking a cell phone call on the road was always an adventure in hearing. Could be loud and clear or nothing but pops and clicks.

The company currently offers CORE wireless technology in its premium brands, Exlia and Nada. When coupled with an easy to use, intuitive outboard control unit called iCom, youre hooked up to everything digital unlimited, wireless connectivity to all your favorite, must-have digital communications devices.

Cell phones become usable again. The iCom unit receives Bluetooth signals from a cell phone and in turn, delivers a wireless signal to your hearing devices via digital inductive technology. Youre plugged in to full, natural stereo sound and broadband audio streaming (no hiccups in transmission). This direct wireless connection to the hearing aids places users in a better position to understand in noisy situations than people with normal hearing.

You can access data from the home office via laptop, cell, remote site work station, television, the interactive web any signal delivered by Bluetooth is picked up by iCom and transmitted directly to your hearing devices. You can even program the Exlia and Nada to pick up GPS signals the next time youre lost in the wilderness. Or lost trying to find that new bistro.

For devices that require hard-wire connection iCom also had them covered. Simply plug them into the iCom unit and they are transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aids. This includes your iPod or any MP3 player. All amplified for your hearing loss in stereo sound. Now that is cool.

Youll never feel disconnected again. A natural, organic hearing experience using virtually all digital media in any shape or size and designed for any purpose.

Phonak myPilot

For those who prefer a standard shift to an automatic in a car, myPilot puts you in complete control of what you hear and dont hear using Exlia and Nada. This remote carries a slim profile so you can simply reach into a pocket to make manual adjustments as sound conditions change. myPilot puts you in complete control of what goes in your ears and what doesnt.

Phonaks foray into the wireless world delivers one more benefit easy programming by the hearing health care provider. Most digital hearing aids programmed by a computer require the hearing aids to connect to the PC via cables. Now, Phonaks Exlia and Nada can be programmed wirelessly no constricting cables in the fitting process.

Phonak has long been known worldwide for its innovation and forward thinking. The companys current wireless offerings, Exlia and Nada, show the promise of wireless technology today and down the road.

Time to get plugged in to whats happening. The wireless world is all around you and Phonak hooks you up.

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