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Siemens NITRO 16: Youre Going to Have a Blast!

You dont usually think about power when shopping for your first hearing aid, or a replacement for Old Faithful the device youve used for the past decade. You think size, comfort, invisibility and other smart shopper considerations. You think power in cars, stereo pre-amps, baseball players and The Red Hot Chili Peppers (a rock group). Not in hearing aids.

Siemens NITRO 16 changes perceptions, delivering power-packed performance in a device that fits completely-in-the-canal a CIC as its called by hearing professionals. In the past, CICs have, indeed, been discreet. But for those who experience greater hearing loss, these little guys werent the best choice because they lacked the oomph to deliver listening performance the way behind-the-ear (BTE) units could. So, CICs were only used by people with mild to moderate hearing loss and for these folks, they got both the invisibility and functionality required to improve the quality of life.

Siemens NITRO 16 Pure Power

The term gain in the world of hearing technology and science refers, in general, to volume. How loud is it?

A high-gain hearing device delivers higher volume levels than a low-gain unit, used by people who experience mild or moderate hearing loss. Siemens NITRO 16, an advanced model of the companys popular CIC NITRO line, delivers more gain than other CIC devices. Gain by the pound for consumers who experience severe hearing loss!

In an interview with Audiology Onlines Dr. Paul Dybala, Siemens VP of Audiology and Professional Relations, Dr. Tom Powers, had this to say about the companys new model: weintroduced the NITRO as a high-power CIC with two power levels, a 55 dB model [and] a 70 dB gain instrument, which is a high-power instrument with about 130 dB of output. We wanted to provide a new level of power in the CIC area with a moderate level of technology.

What does that mean to you, the consumer? Well, first the abbreviation dB stands for decibel a measurement of loudness. A quiet afternoon at home is going to deliver fewer decibels to your ears than a day at a NASCAR track. So, as Tom Powers from Siemens explains, the NITRO 16 delivers a maximum output of about 130 dB of sound and thats a whole lot of volume for people who havent ever been able to wear a CIC hearing device. Folks who experience moderate to severe loss of hearing can now enjoy the discretion and non-existent profile of a CIC. Cool.

Siemens NITRO 16 Is Also Packed with Features

Todays consumer doesnt simply want louder. We want cleaner sound, more natural sound, automated convenience, wearing comfort, listening comfort and no hassles. None.

As Dr. Powers put it, The NITRO 16 borrows technology from our other premium products. It is a full 16-channel device Channels?

Channels describe the programmability of a hearing device. The more channels, the more flexibility in designing a natural sound while adding automated convenience. As you move from loud to soft sound environments throughout the day, you dont want to be yanking out your hearing device to make on-the-move manual adjustments. You want automated convenience, and the more channels a hearing professional has to work with, the more the hearing aid can be customized to the hearing and lifestyle needs of the wearer.

The NITRO 16 is packed with automated features so you can go about your life without a thought to whether its too loud or soft. The NITRO 16 listening machine handles these routine functions so you dont have to.

Other examples of the quality and convenience built into Siemens NITRO 16? How about:

  • Feedback Cancellation. An absolute must technology in a small high-powered device. This provides a more pleasant listening environment by reducing feedback sounds (whistling).
  • Data logging. Records important data that is used to better fine-tune the NITRO 16.
  • Stationary noise reduction. This automated feature reduces steady-state noises such as cars, wind and fans, and makes listening effortless.
  • Sound-Smoothing'. This technology is designed to attack transient sounds such as dishes and papers rattling, the types of sounds for which compression and traditional noise reduction are not effective.
  • Microphone noise reduction. Reduces low-level background noise in quiet environments.
  • C-Guard ' wax protection system. Protects the receiver from the all to common wax culprit, and delivers enhanced durability and reliability.
  • Optional push button. Access multiple programs for optimum hearing in a variety of situations. This enables you to make manual adjustments without drawing a lot of attention to yourself.

Thoughts On Sound Quality?

Loud sound is often distorted sound, and not the good kind of distortion like you hear when Pete Townsend smashes his guitar into a six-foot speaker. (Townsend, btw, has been very vocal about his own hearing loss after all those years of trashing the stage.) Siemens NITRO 16 has the potential to deliver a whole lot of loud sound up to 70 dB gain and 130 dB output.

Loud distorted sound can be painful. Its often worse than no sound at all! But Siemens NITRO 16 takes care of the distortion digitally, delivering a much less processed sound and a more enjoyable listening experience.

In a company press release, Dr. Powers stated, The enhancements to NITRO 16 CIC are helping to bring patients with severe hearing loss not only a more pleasant listening experience, but also an improved quality of life. Individuals with severe hearing loss previously were unable to benefit from discreet solutions, but NITRO 16 is so powerful that completely-in-the-ear solutions are now possible.

Yep, life just keeps getting better and better. Hear it with Siemens NITRO 16. Youll have a blast.

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