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Oticon Hearing Devices Prove to be Kid Friendly

Just like their normal-hearing counterparts, hearing-impaired children play like it’s their job, love unconditionally and laugh at the slightest provocation. Their parents will tell you; however, that getting them to wear their hearing aids is not exactly child’s play.

Oticon Safari hearing aids offer style and functionality for children with hearing lossFortunately, three Oticon hearing aid families offer solutions specifically designed to address the special learning needs of hearing-impaired children.

Parents of children who wear Oticon Safari hearing aids say their children are better able to hear higher-pitched sounds. Safari’s technology captures important soft consonant sounds, such as “f”, “s” and “sh”, which allow children to better understand speech and, ultimately, speak more clearly. Safari technology also captures sounds from longer distances, so aspiring sports stars are more likely to hear a coach’s sideline instructions or a parent’s voice from across the playground.

The Safari family of hearing aids also work with Oticon’s Streamer and ConnectLine accessories, allowing children to use other audio devices, such as MP3 players, televisions and computers, more successfully. The Streamer, which is worn on a cord around the neck, picks up the audio signal from any Bluetooth device and delivers it to the hearing aids in both ears. Parents will appreciate being able to use the Streamer as a remote control for younger children while tweens will appreciate using the Streamer to enjoy their cell phone.

The Safari comes in nine different models –behind-the-ear (BTE) and Super Power (SP) – and is available in ten different colors. Two pages of colorful stickers accompany each model to allow for further personalization.

Children with profound to severe hearing loss benefit from the Oticon Sumo family of hearing aids. This family of hearing devices work within the child’s hearing capabilities to balance the child’s ability to hear speech without over amplifying sound.

Since feedback occurs frequently when children hug, chew or as they grow and their earmolds fit differently, Sumo DM uses Digital Phase Cancellation technology to reduce feedback without reducing the ability to hear. This is important, especially in higher powered hearing aids, because children have a tendency to turn down the volume if they hear feedback, which reduces their ability to hear. The Sumo DM also works with assistive FM devices, such as the Oticon Lexis FM system, to boost a child’s ability to hear and understand speech at home and in the classroom.

Sumo DM users can choose from 15 different colors ranging from Cosmic Clear to purple.

In the classroom, the Oticon Amigo FM allows children to hear the teacher as clearly as if she was sitting beside them. When the teacher speaks directly into the device, which acts as a microphone and transmitter, the sound is transmitted directly to the receiver. The receiver can be plugged into the bottom of the hearing aid, worn independently on another part of the body, or used with headphones -- depending upon the type of hearing aid you’re using it with. The system also works with computers and televisions and is durable enough to withstand even the toughest classroom environment.

The Amigo FM works outside the classroom, too, especially in extremely noisy environments or when distance is an issue. 

For more information on these kid-friendly hearing devices, check with your local hearing center or audiologist.

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