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Oticon Get Hearing Aid Offers Style, Options and Affordability

If you’ve been resisting the idea of dealing with your hearing loss because of the high cost of hearing aids, Oticon may have the solution to your problem. The Oticon Get is an effective solution for cost-conscious individuals who can’t afford the latest hearing aid equipment, but still want to experience the benefits of fundamental technology.

Approximately one in ten individuals in the United States suffer from some type of hearing loss – and experts believe hearing loss is on the rise. Even though professionals agree hearing aids can treat 95 percent of all hearing loss, a 2010 Marke Trak survey reported only four out of ten individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss use them. Hearing care specialists believe this is due to the high cost of hearing aid prices which are usually not covered by either Medicare or private insurance plans. Hearing aids can range in price from $1,000-4,000.

Oticon Get hearing aid offers technology and affordabilityWith this in mind, Oticon developed the Get product family. The Get hearing aid provides an economical hearing solution utilizing basic principles of Oticon’s amplification technology and is suitable for individuals with mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Oticon Get is available in eight style options. Three behind the ear (BTE) models – BTE  13 with Corda 2 thin tube, BTE 13 Hook and BTE Power 13 Hook – feature seven different color options.  Five custom style models – HS/LP, ITC/HS Power, ITC, CIC/MIC Power, and CIC/MIC – complete the family. All Get hearing aid models are non wireless.

Although the Get is a low-cost hearing aid solution, Get users enjoy the benefits of Oticon’s essential hearing aid technology. One of these benefits is Open Ear Acoustics, a technology Oticon developed to keep the ear canal open. This feature allows outside sounds to enter the ear and the body’s normal sounds to escape, creating a more acceptable, natural-sounding amplification for the user.

If you’ve ever been to a music concert and been startled by a sharp, piercing whistle from the microphone system, you’ve heard feedback. Because hearing aid users often complain about this problem with their hearing devices, the Get features Oticon’s Dynamic Feedback Cancellation system, which constantly monitors whether feedback is about to occur and prevents it from happening.

Noise Management technology, another standard in all Get hearing aid models, adjusts to the different levels in your sound environment naturally, allowing you to move from the solitude of an afternoon at the library to the raucous environment of a major league ball game. By automatically reducing background noise, the user is better able to distinguish speech and enjoy conversations comfortably.  

Additional Oticon technology includes Directionality capabilities. This feature controls the microphones in the Get hearing aid to lock onto sounds coming from the front of the user to further reduce background noise and boost audibility. Four fitting range options and programming software makes the Oticon Get easy for your audiology or ear health professional to fit your individual hearing impairment and style preference.

Hearing impaired individuals and their families, can suffer from a variety of related health disorders including: depression, anxiety, lowered self esteem and irritability. Studies by the Better Hearing Institute and the American Academy of Audiology find that nine out of ten hearing-impaired individuals who wear hearing aids enjoy better quality of life.

If you haven’t addressed your hearing loss problem because of cost-related issues, ask your audiologist about the Oticon Get family of hearing aids. Search Healthy Hearing’s directory of more than 4700 audiology and hearing aid centers for a provider near you.

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