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Oticon Revolutionizes Hearing Aids with Intiga i and RITE

Just when you thought hearing aids couldn’t get any smaller or more efficient, Oticon has released the Intiga, its smallest – and most discreet – model to date. The new hearing aid, considered to be the smallest fully wireless hearing solution, was unveiled on opening day of the American Academy of Audiology AudiologyNOW! 2012 conference in Boston. 

Oticon Intigai

The Intiga is new and available in two performance levels.

The new Intiga hearing aid contains enhanced Oticon technology, helping first-time users adapt more quickly to using a hearing instrument even in the most demanding listening situations. Users can choose from the Intiga RITE which fits inconspicuously behind the ear or the Intigaˡ, a model which is placed inside the ear canal, making it virtually invisible.

The Intiga RITE is available in three performance levels: Intiga 10, 8 and 6. Intiga is available in two performance levels: 10 and 8. Both models are well suited for individuals with mild-to-severe hearing loss.

Intiga, which fits deeply inside the ear canal, features a completely new, custom design with all the benefits of Oticon’s enhanced hearing aid technology. Because it’s placed close to the ear drum, the Intiga takes advantage of the external ear’s natural acoustics to produce better sound quality.

Key features for the Intiga models include Speech Guard (model 10 only) and ProWax and T-cap systems. SpeechGuard technology separates conversation from other sounds in the listening environment with less listening effort; Prowax is a wax-protection system and T-cap helps preserve the microphone.

The revolutionary design of the Intiga RITE hearing aid won the iF Product Design Award 2012. The device’s naturally rounded shape follows the contour of the ear with a clean, unbroken surface; the redesigned wire fits close to the ear and skin making it virtually undetectable.

Other features of the Intiga RITE include Oticon’s proprietary SpeechGuard, Spatial Sound and binaural technologies, and built in Bluetooth capabilities. SpeechGuard (model 10 only) works with the brain to help the user more easily separate conversation from background noise in complex sound environments. Oticon’s Spatial Sound technology supports the natural teamwork of both ears to allow a mixture of natural and amplified sound. Binaural technology, for those with bilateral hearing loss, allows both hearing aids to work together wirelessly.

Oticon Intiga

The Intiga RITE is available in three performance levels.

And while the Intiga RITE hearing aid conveniently hugs the back of the ear and is virtually undetectable, those with a flair for style can express their individuality with a fun pop of color. Options range from subtle Mother of Pearl and neutral Terracotta to girlie Think Pink and Vivid Lilac. Four different models of receivers add another custom element to Intiga’s features.

Both Intiga RITE and Intiga hearing aid models enjoy the benefits of Rise 2 technology, Oticon’s smallest and most powerful wireless system. Rise 2 has been improved to provide faster amplification with less listening effort, providing high performance hearing solutions that improve battery life.

Intiga hearing aids also contain Oticon’s feedback management technology, which automatically reduces high pitched whistling.

Incredibly, Intiga users report a shorter adjustment period than most first time hearing aid users. Independent research conducted at Towson University in Maryland revealed Intiga users experienced better speech recognition and experienced fewer side effects in one week than typical first time hearing aid users. It typically takes six to eight weeks for most individuals to adapt to amplification.

Founded in 1904 by Hans Demont, Oticon is the oldest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Their US headquarters are located in Somerset, New Jersey. For more information on Oticon Intiga hearing aids, visit Oticon’s website at http://www.oticonusa.com/.

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