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Oticon Vigo: When Cost Matters

It isn't hard at all to spend $10,000 on a pair of high-end hearing aids these days. That's a whole lot of money.

Then there are low-end, entry-level devices that are unattractive and operate as amplifiers, making everything sound louder even the background buzz. With these units, you're sitting in a crowded restaurant listening to a conversation three tables over while trying to concentrate on your dinner companions chit chat.

So the cost-conscious consumer (that's all of us, these days) wants the conveniences, the power and the attractive good looks of a high-priced unit. We just don't want the high price.

Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, has presented a solution for the cost-conscious consumer by introducing a feature packed unit at a mid-level price. No, its not a give-away. The Oticon Vigo isn't bottom of the barrel on price, but you get a lot more for a lot less with a Vigo. Digital technology made affordable.

MORE of What You Want In a Hearing Aid

Performance. Value. Reliability. These features are all standard on high-priced hearing aid models. Oticon's Vigo delivers the features you want in a hearing aid, whether youre a newbie or a veteran among hearing aid wearers.

So exactly what are the features consumers are seeking in a hearing aid these days?

Hearing Comfort. That means the sound produced by the hearing aid is natural. It doesn't sound like its made the rounds through a few chips and diodes. If it sounds processed, you may experience listening fatigue (and annoyance) pretty fast.

Wearing Comfort. Depending on your lifestyle, you could be wearing your aids 18 hours a day. Seven days a week. So, if it pokes and prods you every time you move your head, or if the device gives you a stuffy ear feeling, how long do you think that thing will actually be used? The goal is a natural fit and feel.

Automated Convenience. As you move through the day, you're in loud locations, soft locations; you're listening to a concert or carrying on a quiet conversation over dinner. The ambient noise changes throughout each day, throughout your life. You want a hearing aid that will adapt to your environments all on its own.

Value. Yep, you can pay through the nose to hear better but why would you when you can get what youre looking for in a mid-priced model like Oticon's Vigo and its big brother, the Vigo Pro.

Heres what you will get with Vigo:

DecisionMaker2' is a unique system that automatically adjusts the hearing aid settings to your listening environments by engaging five advanced processing technologies within the hearing aid:

Noise management determines the environmental noise in each of your listening situations and adjusts the settings accordingly. The end result is an automated reduction in background noise interfering with your ability to hear what you want to hear most, speech. With the high frequency amplification of Vigo and the reduction of background noise, a conversation in background noise will be much more enjoyable.

Directionality allows the hearing aid to further manage unwanted background noise in your environment. Both the Vigo and Vigo Pro contain adaptive directionality, meaning the microphones will adapt to the users environment to ensure background noise is be reduced; however Vigor Pro has an enhanced directionality system that allows the directionality to work discreetly in different frequency regions..

Feedback cancellation eliminates painful feedback that sometimes occurs when talking on the phone and allows an open fit with the Vigo behind-the-ear instruments..

Automatic Adaptation Manager shortens and simplifies the adjustment period by learning your listening preferences.

Volume Control (VC) Learning is a feature found in the Vigor Pro and takes automation to the next level. As you continue to wear the hearing aid, the VC Learning will begin adjusting the DecisionMaker2 settings based on your listening preferences. So as you adapt to your hearing aid, it will adapt with you. Manual adjustment and split second decisions to optimize your hearing are a thing of the past, the Vigo Pro tends to the details. Nice.

DecisionMaker2's job is to ensure the sound quality is optimal for wherever you go by utilizing these five key technologies.

And now for the important stuff

Oticons Vigo comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit every hearing loss and every style.

You can select the hearing aid style that best suits your needs and wants. Vigo and Vigo Pro are available in a custom fit completely-in-the-canal (CIC) style all the way up to the powerful and proud BTE units. The BTEs may be fit with either a custom earmold or an open fit dome to provide an open natural fit. And the BTE units come in the latest in stylish colors from radical red to cool purple to silver. You choose. Cant lose.


Oticon has broken new ground with the Vigo series, providing all of the features and conveniences of higher-priced units, by integrating the latest in digital technology with all of the must-have features. And they've done this in all styles of hearing, allowing nearly any type of hearing loss to benefit from this product.

So, if youve been putting off a hearing test because of the high cost of quality in hearing aids, you don't have to put it off any longer. Visit your hearing healthcare professional to see where you stand and what you need.

Then, check out Oticons Vigo and Vigo Pro and save a few bucks for a vacation. You'll look good, hear well and truly enjoy the good life for less out-of-pocket.

Go for it. No reason not to anymore.

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