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Hearing Aid Review: Oticon Ino

hearing aid review oticon inoThe new Ino and Ino Pro from Oticon are affordable hearing aid options for those who would like to improve and enhance their listening experiences while remaining within their budgets. These new lower-cost hearing aids use the latest technology to help increase the volume of sound as well as impove its clarity and comfort.  The Ino product line incorporates the essential features of hearing aids necessary for optimizing a user’s ability to communicate with ease in multiple everyday listening situations.

hearing aids reviews oticon ino proUnderstanding conversation in the presence of background noise is one of the greatest obstacles hearing aid wearers encounter. At restaurants or family parties, competing voices and surrounding clatter can easily drown out the sounds you want to hear.  Ino hearing aids come with noise management capabilities that help minimize the annoyance of challenging environmental sounds which can limit the understanding of conversations.  These demanding listening situations can also be difficult because background noise tends to travel. Unfortunately, these distracting sounds are not stationary but rather move around an individual within a specific location.  The background noise can even change direction based on the whereabouts of the hearing aid wearer. Ino hearing aids incorporate the latest in directional microphone technology to help combat these opposing sounds. The microphones adapt to the current listening environment to reduce the competing signals and diminish roaming background noise. This allows for improved clarity and speech understanding for the hearing aid user.

Another common concern among many hearing aid users is the presence of a high-pitched whistling, known as feedback, that can occur at embarrassing moments. Sometimes this whistling takes place without the hearing aid wearer even being aware it is happening. The new Ino hearing aids address this problem by coming equipped with a feedback cancellation system that can reduce the amount of annoying and undesirable squealing.

All of these features for both the Ino and the Ino Pro take place automatically within the hearing aids, so users don’t have to worry about pushing buttons and manipulating switches while going about their day. A number of style and color options are available, from discreet mini receiver-in-the-canal models to a full line of custom in-the-ear hearing aids, to meet the likes and needs of a variety of hearing losses and design preferences.

The Ino Pro has the additional benefits of compatibility with Oticon’s Bluetooth products such as the ConnectLine and the Streamer, to allow connections to telephones, television, and other audio devices.  In addition, Ino Pro provides the ability for the right and the left hearing aids to communicate with each other. This allows for adjustments made to one hearing aid (such as turning the volume up or down) to also take place within the other, meaning hearing aid changes are quicker and more discreet.

Oticon Ino hearing aids are a cost-effective choice for those looking to ease communication problems within their daily lives. Using up-to-date advancements in hearing aid technology, the Ino line assists in easing the complications an individual with hearing loss might run into on a regular basis.

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