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The new Acto hearing aid, released by hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, is designed to deliver premium hearing technology at a mid-level price and is appropriate for mild to severe hearing losses.

Oticon Hearing Aids Acto“Acto hearing aids are designed to give users a full package of state-of-the-art sound technologies and features in a mid-priced hearing aid,” states Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “Our goal is to provide an all together better hearing solution that is client-centric, extremely flexible and enables hearing care professionals to satisfy client needs and preferences.”

The Acto hearing aid comes in two technology levels: the Acto and Acto Pro. These aids are designed with three power levels that provide you with the flexibility to plan for the future. And, both models are compatible with the Streamer remote control device.  This technology, previously only available in more expensive models, gives you the ability to link your hearing aid with other electronic devices.

Adding Oticon’s ConnectLine with the Streamer allows you to connect with your TV, cell phone, and landline phone. The Streamer delivers you wireless connectivity with up to eight devices, such as cell phones, PCs, mp3 players, and even vehicle navigation systems. In other words, Streamer turns your Acto hearing aids into a hands-free communication device.Acto Hearing Aids Oticon

The Acto Pro is further enhanced with Binaural Synchronization, for those with bilateral hearing loss, or hearing loss in both ears. This feature is essential because it allows your hearing aids to provide optimized performance by enabling both hearing aids to work together wirelessly, giving you a richer hearing experience. 

TriState Noise Reduction and Multiband Adaptive Directionality give the Acto Pro additional power by allowing you to better distinguish between noises in your immediate environment. This adds yet another layer to the already dynamic hearing experience created by the Acto line of hearing aids.

If you’re looking for these features in a very discreet package, the Acto miniRITE may be just what you need. It delivers all of the power of the Acto line in a sleek, compact profile.  The Acto and Acto Pro are offered in a wide range of styles and colors.

Oticon Acto Hearing Aids

To determine which of the Acto models is right for your hearing loss, personal needs and lifestyle, speak with a hearing professional today.  Find an ear doctor, hearing center, or hearing aid store in your area.

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