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Would You Buy a Hearing Aid From This Man (or Woman)? You Would If Youre Smart

If you experience hearing loss, regardless of age, a hearing aid is going to be a part of your life, that is if you want to enjoy life to the fullestand who doesnt? Today, hearing devices have come a long way from the tangle of wires, whistles and eardrum scorching feedback of yesteryear.

In fact, todays hearing aids are highly sophisticated microcomputers that deliver automated convenience essential for an on-the-go lifestyle. These digital wonders take the hassle out of wearing a hearing aid by automatically suppressing feedback, adjusting automatically to ambient sound conditions (different settings for the ball park and for a quiet, romantic dinner - all handled automatically).

Even basic models come with a number of features to simplify your life and deliver quality, non-processed sound organic sound. When properly programmed, more advanced units actually learn your preferences. The longer you wear it, the closer you become. And the more normal your life.

The key to the purchase of the right hearing aid to meet your needs is to work with a professional who knows about hearing loss and hearing devices.

See a Hearing Professional

A hearing aid is not something you want to buy on the web.

First, theres the cost factor. Hearing aids arent cheap. In fact, they can cost more than you paid for your first car 40 years ago if you go with the top tier unit with all the bells and whistles (okay, no whistles). So, you want to try before you buy. The last thing you want to do is shell out a lot of cash for something that sits in the junk drawer because its just too darned uncomfortable. Always try before your buy.

Working with a hearing health care professional ensures that (1) you get the right device to fit your budget and your hearing needs and (2) if you have problems, your ear pro can make adjustments that enhance the listening experience.

Second, theres the hearing evaluation, ear care, hearing aid care and other major topics that should be discussed with a hearing health care professional. Fortunately for us, good, knowledgeable hearing health care professionals arent hard to find according to a recent survey conducted by hearing aid giant, Siemens.

The Siemens Survey

The survey, undertaken by ICR, Media, Pennsylvania, showed that an overwhelming majority of survey respondents believed that they benefited from the recommendations of their hearing health care professional. Two-thirds of hearing device buyers relied heavily on the advice of their hearing health care professionals and a whopping 85% reported being satisfied with their treatment and service.

The results arent surprising. You arent going to buy a car from someone you dont like or trust (an annoying salesperson) and you arent going to stay with a hearing health care professional if youre not getting the service and results you expect. So, the fact that 85% of hearing aid users were satisfied with their hearing health care professionals seems about right.

And just what type of professional did respondents visit to address hearing loss? 53% visited an Audiologist, 21% saw an Otolaryngologist and 16% received assistance from a hearing aid practitioner.


Todays hearing aids are sleek, micro-computers that employ the latest in digital technology to deliver the most natural and convenient listening experience to todays demanding consumers.

Here Come the Boomers

The Hearing Care professional is vital to the fitting and hearing instrument selection process. This according to Dr. Thomas Powers, VP of Audiology and Professional Relations at Siemens, makers of quality hearing devices like the CENTRA Active pictured above.

Dr. Powers went on to say It is very gratifying to know that customers are having good experiences in the offices and are heeding the advice they receive from their professionals.

Well, it may be gratifying but the hearing aid industry is about to get hit with the largest demographic bubble in the history of humankind. The boomers are coming, the boomers are coming. And these are consumers who arent going to settle for anything except wearing and hearing comfort (the vibes have to be natural) and the convenience of a hearing aid that learns the wearers preferences and automates routine processes. These are not buyers who want to be fiddling with their hearing aids in the middle of a board meeting. (Whatd he say?)

And the industry is ready for this demanding tsunami of new consumers with cool hearing aids in bright colors, discreet designs, built in comfort (so you dont have that stuffy feeling) and groovy sounds.

When to Seek Help for your Hearing

How about now?

If youve never had your hearing tested, nows a good time to pick up the phone and get your hearing evaluated for baseline measurements for comparison in the future. And, while youre talking to your professional (and partner in all-natural hearing), learn about different styles of hearing aids behind the ear (ear bling when you choose hot purple for your color) to completely discreet in the canal devices that deliver unbelievable quality of sound.

Listen, if youre like most of us the ol hearing just aint what it used to be. Family members run screaming from the room as soon as you turn on the TV and set the volume so you can hear the evening news. Its too loud, man. Too piercing.

So, have your hearing evaluated and get plugged in with a hearing health care professional an audiologist, ear and throat specialist or that nice, knowledgeable hearing aid dispenser down on Main Street.

Start today and enjoy the highs and lows youve been missing since those endless hours of listening to speed metal through headphones.

You wont believe your ears.

Want to find a hearing health care professional near you? Visit Healthy Hearings Find a Professional section to find a professional near you.

Visit www.usa.siemens.com/hearing for more information.

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