Financial Assistance: The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion)

The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity organization established in 1982 and supported by local Lions Clubs in California and Nevada.  The Foundation provides hearing aids to needy and qualified low-income persons that have been diagnosed with hearing loss and who don’t receive government assistance for their health issues.  One of the primary goals of The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion) is to fund medical research that focuses on causes, prevention, and treatment of hearing loss and other ear diseases.  The Foundation strives to educate the public on what it means to be deaf or hard of hearing, and on the challenges that hearing-impaired individuals face each day.  The Hearing Foundation is funded by donations from Lions Club pledges and gifts from audiologists.

The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion) runs a hearing aid recycling program, where community members in California and Nevada can turn in old hearing aids or assistive listening devices.  The used hearing aids are then repaired and reconditioned, for use by those without the financial means to afford new ones.  Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals receive lifetime use of recycled hearing aids from The Hearing Foundation, for a very small fee, and return the equipment to The Foundation if it is no longer needed.  The Hearing Foundation provides clinical services, such as ear mold impressions and scheduling hearing aid fittings.  Patients and prospective patients can also receive information on additional treatment services that may be suitable for their hearing loss, such as cochlear ear implants.

To receive benefits and program assistance from The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion), an individual must be a US citizen or legally reside in the United States.  A hearing test conducted in the last six months is turned in, along with a medical note from a physician, verifying the hearing impairment and hearing aid eligibility.  Those wishing to receive services from The Hearing Foundation must provide verification of income, or a hardship letter, at the time they apply, and retain sponsorship by a local Lions Club chapter.  Once awarded benefits, deaf and hearing-impaired persons pay a one-time, nominal charge for hearing aids that would otherwise cost between $800-$4000. 

Interested parties can inquire about services and programs at The Hearing Foundation’s website,, and contact them by email at The Hearing Foundation can also be contacted by phone at 800-327-8077 and 559-322-5466. Their fax number is 559-322-5468.

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