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Chicago Hearing Society Provides Hearing Aid Assistance, Other Programs

The Chicago Hearing Society offers a variety of programs and services to the deaf and hard of hearing community in the Chicago metro area.  Individuals suffering from any degree of hearing loss receive help obtaining clinical services, hearing aids and other assistance devices, and advocacy in dealing with healthcare and insurance companies.

The Chicago Hearing Society runs youth programs and camps that build self-esteem and leadership skills for deaf and hard of hearing children. The deaf and hearing impaired connect with support groups in their community, attend sign language classes, receive information and referrals for needed services, thanks to the resources provided by the Chicago Hearing Society. The Hearing Society’s offices staff fluent Spanish and American Sign Language personnel and Illinois public aid is accepted for services on a sliding scale, based on income.

Visitors to the Chicago Hearing Society’s website take free online hearing tests, and view a calendar of events in the community that includes deaf-focused activities, celebrations, lectures,and meetings.

The Chicago Hearing Society operates a Hearing Aid Bank Fund that provides financial assistance to those in need, and runs centers that sell and service hearing aids.  Deaf and hard of hearing persons find clinics that offer hearing testing, retain interpreter services and buy deaf-related products that help fund Chicago Hearing Society programs.

The Society runs a hearing aid donation program that solicits community members to give the gift of new and used hearing aids for reuse by those who would not normally be able to afford such equipment. The Chicago Hearing Society serves as a distribution site for the Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation, an organization that loans free TTY telephones to qualified individuals. Needy children and families participate in a Free Amplified Phone Program, through the Chicago Hearing Society. Qualified recipients of free equipment turn in a copy of a current phone bill and proof of residency to www.itactty.org in order to participate. There is no income requirement for the free phone program.

To find out about other services and programs available through the Chicago Hearing Society, contact the charity by phone at 773-248-9121, by TTY at 773-248-9174 or by email at askchs@anixter.org. Funding may be available for some benefits through donations. 

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