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Hearing Loss in Children: Help Me Hear Foundation

help me hear foundationAs many as 4 out of every 1000 infants born today has permanent hearing loss.  When parents learn their child has hearing loss, they are faced with many difficult decisions.  These decisions can include choosing therapy and schools, as well as finding financial help for hearing aids or cochlear implants. 

Help Me Hear Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that gives the gift of hearing to low-income deaf children around the world.  The foundation offers life-changing services for impoverished families, and provides real help for children with hearing impairment who may otherwise be left behind in schools and society due to their lack of hearing. 

Help Me Hear Foundation believes that a child’s first years of development are critical, as this is when a mother typically communicates with speech to offer guidance or simply say, “I love you.”  Being able to hear is vital to the human condition, and Help Me Hear Foundation seeks to provide a positive lasting impression on society through its programs.  Help Me Hear Foundation has many goals, including relieving the burden on communities with hearing-impaired infants and children, and strengthening the social structure of families and neighborhoods.

Recipients of Help Me Hear Foundation’s benefits receive state-of-the-art hearing devices that otherwise would cost thousands of dollars per child over the course of their lifetime.  The foundation raises money through donations for hearing aid and cochlear implants, which saves recipients and their families on average over $50,000 in related expenses.

Help Me Hear Foundation strives to be a transparent charity, and wants to be a catalyst for allowing deaf and hearing-impaired children to develop in a typical fashion alongside their hearing peers.  The foundation hopes to provide at least 400 cochlear implants by the end of December 2011. 

Needy families can obtain information on specific services they can receive, as well as find out about deafness education by visiting the Help Me Hear Foundation’s website at www.HelpMeHearFoundation.org.  Help Me Hear Foundation’s website reports on the problems that arise in communities where poor children’s hearing needs cannot be addressed due to lack of funds and services.  Often, needy families go without treatment and assistance, which leads to poor development of speech, language, academic achievement, and social or emotional development.  The website offers helpful information on how hearing aids work, and how the hearing aids ease many of the learning and language challenges that hearing-impaired children deal with on a daily basis.  Families of children with hearing impairment can learn about hearing loss in general, hearing-impairment statistics worldwide, and treatments for hearing loss such as cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Families may contact Help Me Hear Foundation through their website, by email at info@helpmehearfoundation.org, or by phone at 877-HEAR-GIV.  Interested parties can write to Help Me Hear Foundation at 5000 Township Parkway, Saint Paul, MN 55110.
Individual donors and companies can also make tax-deductible monetary contributions by cashier’s check or check to assist those who cannot afford to help themselves.

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