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Keep Going. Live Healthy. The Boomers Are Coming, The Boomers Are Coming!

Yep, were coming into our Golden Years and, according to a recent study conducted by Energizer (the pink bunny people), this tsunami of seniors is changing the way we live, eat, sleep, play and work.

People are living longer, healthier lives according to the Energizer study. And that means the expanded use of adaptive devices that utilize battery power everything from Day-Glo Green walkers to hearing aids that look more like hi-tech ear bling than the old, flesh-toned units that gramps was always mumbling and grumbling about.

Todays hearing devices are automated to adapt to the wearers preferences. Adjustments to volume, balance, signal-to-noise ratio, mic directionality all handled automatically by digital circuitry so that we dont have to fuss with the gear. Look, were boomers and we want things our way.

Lifestyle Changes, Fitness and Good Health

The Energizer Keep Going Live Healthy is a year- round health campaign aimed squarely at the growing number of seniors who arent ready for the home. We are people in good health, with a long, bright retirement ahead of us truly the Golden Years when the kids are through college and we move where its always warm.

The Energizer program aims to educate boomers on how to live healthy lives and stick to exercise and health resolutions all year-round. The company has teamed up with various experts to educate us on fitness, diabetes and hearing health. The campaign stresses that being proactive in your health care can benefit you for many years to come.

Stats and Facts

The Energizer survey revealed a few surprises, but the results also confirmed that boomers are behaving as expected just a bit slower, thats all. Check out some stats and facts:

  • 64% of boomers claim to feel younger than their age. (Feelin Groovy)
  • 50% of boomers have high blood pressure.
  • 40% of the Pop Tart Generation is obese (wonder why, hmmmm).
  • 57% now make it a point to eat a healthy diet.
  • 41% exercise regularly.

    69% have some level of concern of hearing loss
  • 33% of boomers think theyve experienced some hearing loss
  • 46% have never had a hearing test done (surprising given the previous findings).

Let me save you the trouble of correlating the data: we feel younger but we dont take a long-term view of good health. Were still livin for the day and letting tomorrow take care of itself. (Dang the 60s.) And hearing loss is a major concern among those surveyed and yet nearly half of all boomers have yet to have their hearing tested.

The Hearing Health Campaign

Energizer has teamed with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) to educate boomer consumers on improving hearing health. They begin by asking the questions: Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding what people are saying? Does speech sound muffled or dull? Do family and friends frequently complain that you dont seem to hear very well? If your answer is yes to any of these questions (or if your family members say the answer is yes) theres a good possibility you have some hearing loss.

Hearing loss is an invisible condition and often goes untreated for quite some time. As with exercise and diabetes care, the goal of the Energizer Keep Going, Live Healthy campaign is to stress a proactive approach to your health, and treating health problems.

What does this mean to your hearing? Get your hearing tested. Even if you think your hearing loss may be mild, a full hearing evaluation is important to understand where your hearing levels are today baseline measurements. Hearing loss can sneak up on you with age and affects many areas of life including your relationships, job productivity and your emotional well being. Communication is important at any stage of life so why jeopardize it now in your Golden Years by avoiding treatment.

Fortunately we are living in a digital age and hearing aid technology is booming. The improvements in sound quality and control over issues such as noise and feedback are extraordinary. So is the improvement in how these devices are powered. Thanks to Energizer, batteries last longer, and theyre easier to swap out with adaptive, user-friendly packaging. Read on.

Adaptive Thinking from a Pink Rabbit with a Base Drum

Energizers iconic Energizer bunny keeps going and going and going, right? Hey, the bunnys been around a long time and hes still going and so should you. Thats what the Energizer Keep Going Live Healthy program is all about. Thats one of the ways Energizer, and a lot of other big companies, are turning their attention to this whopping bubble of consumers about to move through the market from purveyors of time shares to health care products.

In addition to providing top-notch, reliable and up-to-date information on hearing health, and general health and fitness through the web-based, grass roots Keep Going Live Healthy campaign, the company has also adapted its packaging to be more senior- friendly.

Energizers Boomer-Friendly Hearing Aid Battery Dispenser


Take a look at this package designed for fingers that dont have those fine motor skills they once did. (Who cares? I can still run a marathon, whippersnapper.) The package is adapted to the needs of the senior consumer, and Energizer leads the way in adaptive, hearing aid battery packages.

Listen. (Figuratively speaking.) As youre fumbling with your last hearing aid battery over the kitchen sink, where the light is better, and you drop the thing and watch it circling the drain before disappearing forever, you start thinking there has got to be a better way.

Energizers adaptive packaging is simply one more example of how the R & D teams of consumer-based businesses are going to be working double time. Boomers dont like waiting. And hassles are a downer, man.

The Boomer Ka-Boom


Denise Austin: Lookin Good at 50.

Starting to see a pattern developing over at Energizer? They do their homework on their target market.

Denis Austin, author of nine books on good health, and fitness coach with a slew of exercise DVDs designed for those of us who are getting thinner on top and thicker in the middle, is the lead spokesperson for Energizers fitness campaign. Does Denise Austin look 50? I didnt look that good when I was 20! But thats the whole point behind the Energizer Keep Going, Live Healthy campaign. Youre as old as you feel and I want to feel good and look like Denise Austin.

We gray panthers can expect to see more of this as business recognizes that this senior market has discretionary income, high expectations for the products and services they purchase and, that they want to stay active and engaged for as long as possible.

So if 50 is about to throw cold water on your disco dream, or if youve already had the distinct pleasure of reaching this milestone in life, visit the Energizer Keep Going Live Healthy website often for the latest in health and fitness. (Are you sure Denise is really 50?)

And start looking for adaptive packing to help the hands that carried peace signs in 68 but today, carry a grandchild to bed for a good night story.

Yep, were coming, all right and theres not a thing you can do about it except get out of the way.

Were old. Were bold. Get used to it.

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