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Who Says, 'It Isnt Easy Being Green?' Rayovac Introduces Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Battery

Its the power plant in your hearing device, the brawn behind the brains. Hearing aid batteries have become smaller, more powerful and longer-lasting through industry research and development. The problem?

Heavy Metals

And no, were not talking about hair bands of the 70s. Heavy metals include lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel and other toxic substances. Its the chemical reaction between these substances that creates the juice to run a tiny hearing aid or one of those jumbo flashlights. Same science. Same heavy metals.

And the problem is?

Heavy metals are just plain all around bad. A necessary evil in order to have power on the go. The problem is, once these batteries die, they end up in landfills. Still not seeing it?

Okay, imagine one million batteries of all sizes slowly corroding in landfills. At some point, mercury and other toxins leach out, sink to the bottom of the land fill and, eventually, make their way into our water and our food supply.

Dont believe it? You could take your temperature with the mercury in swordfish steaks. In fact, doctors strongly suggest that pregnant women avoid eating one of my favorites, mercury be darned! Mercury has been tied to many birth defects.

And the solution is?

Come on, theres always a solution to these dire warnings and, indeed, in this case there are a couple. Theyre simple. And they will make the world a less toxic place for our kids and grandkids.

First, dont toss your dead batteries into the trash. (See description of battery in landfill above.) Instead, collect them all of them, the jumbos and the tiny hearing aid devices. Then, keep your eye on the newspaper and TV for special toxic trash collection days for everything from paint thinners (pure poison) to batteries. All of this toxic waste is collected and disposed of safely, protecting the environment. Thats good, right?

The total time it takes? The time to drive the batteries (and maybe the paint thinner) over to the disposal center. Its a good investment in the future of the planet and our kin who live here.

Go Green

There are lots of ways to shrink your carbon footprint everything from composting behind the garage to turning down the thermostat to going to a fuel efficient car and ditching the gas guzzlers. But not all lifestyle changes have to be so dramatic and so profound.

Good Things Come in Small Packages Very Small

Youre looking at the first green hearing aid battery. Its the latest from the leading maker of hearing aid batteries Rayovac. And what makes this innovation so innovative? Well a couple of things to those interested in keeping the planet livable for the foreseeable future and, I think, thats all of us.

Yeah, youre thinking whats one more hearing aid battery in the land fill, too much trouble, blah, blah, blah. Okay, take your four toss-away batteries a year, multiply by 100 million batteries leaking mercury, cadmium and other toxins into the water supply and food sources and those toxins can be measured in tons. And even if your little tiny aids wont make a difference all by themselves, when combined with the conservation efforts of millions of other hearing aid battery consumers, you quickly see just how much of a difference you can make.

Run Your Ear Gear Green

With the introduction of Rayovacs ProLine Mercury Free battery, consumers can still depend on long life and durability built into every Rayovac hearing aid power plant. The rap on mercury-free batteries was that they ran out of power quickly (what a drag) compared to the mercury-based units but through on-going R & D, Rayovacs breakthrough, mercury-free product meets and beats the standards of mercury (harmful) batteries.

And to make it even easier to Go Green, Rayovac's packaging makes swapping out a battery a breeze instead of an adventure.

Theres not much we can do as individual about the macro environmental issues facing the future inhabitants of the third planet from the sun.

By taking a couple of easy, simple steps you can add your efforts to those of millions of others concerned about the environment.

Lets all start today.

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